Organic Maple

Certified Organic Vermont Maple Sugar

 Tucked away in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Marquis Organic Maple Sugaring (MOMS) orchard and processing facility produces fresh, high-quality, organic maple syrup and maple syrup products. Unlike many other maple syrup companies, Marquis Organic Maple Sugaring went through the meticulous process of gaining Organic Certification in Vermont in 2017.  


What does "Organic" mean?

The Orchard

Being organic means to be all natural. Obtaining the Organic Certification starts first in the orchard. This maple tree orchard maintains biodiversity and promotes ecological balance. The pure and organic maple syrup does not use or include any chemicals, additives, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs (bioengineered genes) in the orchard, or during processing. 

Collection & Processing

The certification declares that organic maple syrup complies with standards of organic farming including how the trees are tapped, how the sap is collected and transported, and how it is stored and processed throughout the maple syrup making process.


MOMS use their own collected steam and water to clean tanks and parts. Certified organic oils are also allowed and natural cleaners such as vinegar can be used at the final stages of the season.  

Maintaing Certification

Organic status is maintained through record keeping and annual audits. 

Identified as Organic?

All of our maple products are identified with the USDA Organic logo. 

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