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MOMS Orchard


Marquis Organic Maple Sugar (MOMS) is made at their 395 acres maple orchard located in Northeast Kingdom’s small-town of Bloomfield Vermont. The land was purchased in 2017. Within a year’s time the Marquis family, Yves, Linda, Annick, and Alicia built new roads, a new sugar house, tapped 7,000 trees, ran thousands of feet of line, and made gallons of organic maple syrup!  

Now they have approximately 15,000 taps and will be adding about 7,000 taps each spring and sell their pure, organic maple syrup in jugs or glass containers.  They also make maple sugar, maple butter, and maple taffy products.


Each season they have events that are open to the public. This is a great time to stock up on some fresh maple products!  You can also purchase them online at any time of the year. Products are safely shipped to the address of your choice. Maple products make wonderful tasty gifts for your loved ones or taste them for yourself! 

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Our History

Making pure maple syrup is a long-standing family tradition with Yves wife, the Labranche Family.  For generations their family and friends have gathered during springtime to begin the process of tapping trees, gathering sap, sweetening the pans, and boiling sap into pure, sweet, maple syrup.           

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