For Generations


Making pure maple syrup is a long-standing family tradition with the Marquis Family.  For generations their family and friends have gathered during springtime to begin the process of tapping trees, gathering sap, sweetening the pans, and boiling sap into pure, sweet, maple syrup.

It has always been Linda's dream to have a family-owned maple business.  Fifty years ago her grandfather had a sugar house where she has fond memories of being with friends and family, learning the process, and tasting the freshly made syrup.  

Her dad continued this tradition for many years while she was growing up. 

Throughout these years, Linda learned everything she needed to know about the processes of creating “liquid gold”: REAL maple syrup!  

This dream became her reality in 2017 when she now shared her passion with her husband Yves, and her two girls Annick and Alicia.  Although the process has changed a little, the outcome is the same.  The Marquis family creates the finest organic, pure, maple syrup and maple products for you.